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Love Lesson
Some couples "need" each other in some way no one understands but true love is not when u NEED someone. Its a bonus or extra in life because u can do just fine on your own but its added pleasure 2 have someone there
Defeat or Be Defeated
If U dont got what it takes then find it, dig hard, labor long. Once U got it, use it 2 keep safe, strong, as an armor or wall defense so the hurt, loss, pain, disappointment dont get in like a tidal wave. Like a haven bubbl
If this is a game, would someone explain the rules to me?
I've always enjoyed a good game. Chess, checkers, softball, monopoly ... I appreciate the chance to show my skills and interact with someone else. I've always done my best and I'm moderately competitive, but I&
My thoughts on it all.
I find myself wondering if finding love is all about looks and money. I've seen so many profiles where the man is looking for a barbie doll who earns a lot of money. Why is that? I understand the desire to have Barbie on
Looking for Love
Let me start by saying I'm not what I would call average,but if you read my whole profile you will get an understanding of that.Ok.Here is a rough idea of some of my character traits.I am honourable (truly, not the way t
On line dating
I have tried on-line dating now. So far I have not had an actual date with a woman, but I am continuing to look. The first try I ran into problems of money. To get all the functions of the site, I had to keep paying. Then
me and my girlfreind
well hello to all the prospecting girls out there. Im Tony and im ready for u. please if u have any interest in me just flick me a message and we can chat. anyway good talking to whom ever reads this and i hope to hear from u
Marriage is great if you realize the rings don't plug holes. Rings don't make you the owner of another. Rings symbolize your commitment, forgiveness, loyalty, love, and last but not least your devotion to another hu
im lonely
im lonely and horny as its rather hot outside cum and play
if i didn't try i'd never know!
surprised I'm writing this, first blog ever so lets see..looking to meet new friends and have some fun.. if you're spontaneous and down for the cause please let me know.. I'm sick of my neighborhood and the peo
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